“I’ve personally worked with Geoff Carter for a year now, and he is definitely someone I’d recommend to others. We’ve even created a product together recently! His professional education background is a tremendous asset and resource that everyone needs to take advantage of for their Internet business. He is a brilliant thinker and has a knack for breaking every project into simple step-by-step systems any beginner can easily follow.”
Terry Dean – Marketing Coach – US


I found Geoff to be a natural speaker who emulates motivation and enthusiasm to his audience. I would recommend any presentation or workshop by Geoff to anyone who wants to make a success in business or in life.
Kathryn Faulkner – Training Manager AIG – UK


You’ve got to know that your presentation to my top InnerCircle mentoring group about how to generating abundance, wealth and a never-ending golden river of money unlocked the doors for me like you’d never imagine. It’s fantastic!

I was absolutely rivetted to your simple yet clinical and humorous explanation of how anyone, yes, anyone can have whatever they want in life, and fast, too.

I’ve been in-tune with advanced personal empowerment programs for years, but you shared strategies I’d never even heard of; and that was a huge surprised to me. You’re clearly on top of your game and raising the standards of personal development education to new heights.

You are a skillful presenter and speak with authority and clarity so I have no hesitation in recommending you to present at conferences; to business groups requiring special programs, or where individuals need one-on-one mentoring… They should all tap into vast knowledge and warm personality – and they’ll soon be so glad they did.
Amit Suneja – Marketer & Copywriter – US


I had the pleasure recently to work with Geoff Carter as my Business Success Coach. As far as Business Success Coaches go Geoff Carter is “The Man”

Geoff’s warmth, charisma and ability to support an individual to navigate the Business Road ahead is enlightening and empowering. Geoff’s ability to listen while I spewed forth concerns and ideas, uncovering insecurities I never realised I held, enabled me to separate the “I” from the Business. Geoff’s questions brought such clarity to my thought processes.

Geoff’s experience and knowledge gave me a wiser perspective which has enabled me to fully acknowledge my long-term Business Goal and work effectively to achieve my short term Business Aims which will fuel my Business Growth. Thank you Geoff Carter !!
Imelda McGrattan, Sales Strategist – Ireland


I commissioned Geoff to help me write the text element of Captive Creations new web site. I found him pleasant, cooperative, obliging and helpful beyond the call of duty. The literature Geoff prepared for me is top quality and I have received many positive comments specifically relating to the text, from visitors to the site.

Furthermore, when I showed Geoff the initial layout of the site, he asked me some tough questions. This got me thinking about who the site was for, and how it would be used. This led to some dramatic changes to the site, with which, Geoff helped me all the way. The end result is a much simpler and easily navigated site. (also much cheaper to construct). I am much happier with the amended layout.

Geoff helped me reach my goal much quicker and with greater ease than I could have on my own.

Every business needs guidance now and again, and if I was to recommend anybody I have meet in business thus far, it would be Geoff Carter.
Frank Culloty – Landscape Designer – Ireland


“I attended Geoff’s seminar on Goal Setting and thoroughly enjoyed it. It inspired me to identify what I was really aiming for in my business as well as in other areas of my life. Geoff’s one-to-one follow-up focused on how I charge for PR and business support services. He had great ideas about how to value both myself and the services I provide.  I have recommended Geoff to several people and will continue to do so.”
Anne Kiely, Kiely & Associates (PR and Business Support) – Ireland


“I have recently worked with Geoff Carter regarding my new website and I have to say how very pleased I am with all of his help and the way he always fully answered my questions.

In the writing of the webpages, Geoff captured the true essence of ‘me’ in the words he chose. I believe I am a good parent coach but I needed Geoff’s professional help to market myself better than I was
able to – and he did it brilliantly. Anyone needing web pages written and other online marketing assistance, then I would highly recommend they contact Geoff Carter”.
Eibhlin Gleeson, Parent Coach – Ireland


I write this to convey my gratitude to Geoff Carter for all his help since we first encountered each other almost two years ago.

Geoff has an infectiously positive outlook and attitude to all that he does, both on a personal and business level. His positivity rubs off on all that he comes in contact with. Geoff has many skills that he has honed over the years. He is an expert listener, coach and mentor.

As a small business owner, he has been a great sounding board for my ideas, and is adept at conveying an objective perspective. Geoff is always ready to give generously of his time and energy to any given situation.

I have found Geoff to be extremely reliable and trustworthy and always very accommodating. I would have no hesitation in recommending Geoff’s services to any other businessperson.
Ronan Carroll, FCCA Director, NEA Kerry – Ireland


“I just wanted to let you know that the success principles you shared with me were absolutely priceless. You have forced me out of my comfort zone, raised my expectations to a whole new level of success and your 6 step process to success is helping me to achieve my goals even faster than I thought possible. Thank you once again”.
Neil Maxwell-Keys – UK


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